Abort a running processor via remote


for us it happens, that we want to stop a processor (e.G. L4A) after (automatic) remote execution. I know that a running process can be aborted typing “Ctrl + C”, but this seems not to work when the command execution is automated e.g. with the java “jsch” package, as we can only send commands and not “direct keyboard signals” (like typing Ctrl+C).

Another thing that might work is to address the process and stop it via kill -SIGINT processPID. Here the difficulty is to get the PID of the process, it seems to me that the system cannot process commands (in the same connection) while a Sen4CAP processor is running.

Do you have suggestions to solve this?

Another solution would be a confirmation that it is uncritical to start a processor and close the connection, then start a new connection and start the processor again (the execution started before might still be running).

Kind regards