Are there other ports necessary than 80 and 443?

Hello to all,

we want to test the sen4cap system.
Unfortunately we are working behind a proxy.
Could you share some information which ports the system is using during the processes?

Up to now, we only have the opend standard ports 80 and 443 available.
Are there other ports in use, to get data/information from the web?

Hello, is there a reason why both of my questions were not answered?
Other posts get very fast answers…

Hello Florian,

Normally, only the port 80 is needed to be open. If you need to access also the sen4cap services endpoints, you will need to open also 8080 (or whatever you configured in the /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/config/

Hope this answers to your question.

Best regards,

Thanks… good to know