Available input files for L4A (SQL query, extract-parcels.py)

Hi SEN4CAP Team,

I am trying to run an L4A custom job using “s1-only” or “both” (S1 + S2 data). It seems the job fails, because the radar.csv produced by extract-parcels.py file is empty.
I looked at the SQL query and it seems it also needs as input the L2A-S1 products not only the L2A-S2.
However, I can’t find any L2A-S1 products in the Available input files field, in the custom job tab.
The L2A-S1 products (Sentinel1 L2 Amplitude product and Sentinel 1 L2 Coherence product) are visible in the products tab, under the my site.
Looking at the script retrieving the files for the Available input files, I noticed that there is a product id field which is empty. If I set this id manually to 10 or 11 I get the files.
Is there some error in the site configuration or the database?
How can I have in Available input files the L2A-S1 products?

Thank you!

Best wishes,

I am experiencing the exact same problem. The way I made a work-around was that I made a list of all L2A-S1 products, and then called for the extract-parcels.py manually with all the available products. I never managed to solve how to get everything running smoothly through the web app though.

Any help would be appreciated.