Can Sen4Cap Run Alongside Sen2Agri?


I am wondering if I can install them both on the same computer. For example, some questions that arise:
-Do they use the same services etc? Wouldn’t that cause some blocking?
-Do they both store outputs/downloads in the same folders?
-What happens if they use the same dependencies but different versions?

There’s a lot more of these kinds of questions - but perhaps it would be at least comforting knowing someone has done it.

If it’s not ideal to do it this way - is there another way to do it? (Such as VM’s?)



Yes, is possible to install both systems on the same computer but is not quite easy and some manual operations need to be done.
The simplest solution would be to run them in separate VMs on the same machine (if the machine has enough processing resources) or on 2 distinct machines.
But if you do the processing on on the same computer, there will be a race for the hardware resources as different instances of the services will run (unless you have a powerful server).
Also, if you try to process the same ROI and season (on the same machine or distinct machines), additional optimizations can be performed for disk and processing time.
One of our R&D team that experimented the above operation even succeeded to configure one system to use processors from both Sen2Agri and Sen4CAP systems, in the same instance.
If you are interested, I think you can contact them directly at

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Thank you for the reply. I will reach out to them and see if they can give us a hand. We’re currently using a VM to host Sen2Agri - and have Sen4Cap on the main system. This works well, but requires maintenance on both. We’re trying to have it so only one would need to run maintenance on the main system.