Change DEM

I am trying to change the DEM for our Sen4CAP setup on creodias but I am not entirely sure how to do it based on the discription in the manual. In the manual it says to install it under:
cd /path/to/Sen4CAPDistribution/install_script/
Do you know what that path is in Creodias?
It also says to download the archive for Is that from a specific webpage or is it part of the Sen4CAP image?

Tnak you for your help!

Dear Bastian,

The Aster DEM is no longer provided on the Sen4CAP site due to the copyrights issues.
Normally, the sen4cap services will try to automatically download the DEM is you configure AsterDEM in the file.
But please note that this applies only for S1 pre-processing and not automatically for S2 pre-processing, where different configuration should be performed.

Best regards,

Thank you for your quick reply Cosmin. So if I understand it correct, I need to manually download and insert it or does it still do the automatic download? And can you help me with the specifics of the path I mentioned in my first post?

My experiences from Finland.

Last week, I set up a second Sen4CAP instance in Creodias using Sen4CAP 2.0 image that Creodias provides.

You need to download and extract DEM zips manually, like it says in manual (v2.0 Appendix A.6 and A.7). Though, I don’t know where to download them from. (Common knowledge?) I just copied the DEMs from our first instance, which had been set up with the help of Sen4CAP team earlier.

I did have one problem during AsterDEM install.

A.6 step 1 ‘sudo ./ --snap8-docker true’ resulted in errors. That snap8 docker image build failed due to network errors. This didn’t fail the whole script so didn’t even notice it at first. I “fixed” it by removing iptables:false from /etc/docker/deamon.json (+ docker service restart). After that docker was able to access Internet and image snap8 build succeeded. In the end, there should be a sen4cap/snap image in sudo docker images.

Now everything seems ok after install. Still testing.

Thank for sharing your experiences :slight_smile: especially if we get the same problem itas nice to already have a solution. We will try these next days to put everything together and hopefully it works.