Clear temp data

We are running Cen4cap for a while but disk became full in a short time recently.
Is there a command to clean old temp files (orchestrator_temp is quite full)? Can I just delete from file browser?
Is there a correct way to delete old files? For example, if I want to keep only last results of processors from the pervious season, older results can be deleted manually?


Normally, the files in the orchestrator_temp are automatically removed (if not configured otherwise in the config table) when the processing of an L3x or L4x product is done. Nevertheless, sometimes due to errors or abnormal interruptions or network failures, these files might not be removed. If no L3x or L4x jobs are running, it is safe to remove the files in orchestrator_temp. Please note that you need to have root rights to remove them.
In this moment, we do not have a procedure to remove products from the web interface of the system so you will have to delete them manually. Nevertheless, if you remove lower level products (ex. L2A or L3B products) that normally are used in processing of higher level product (L3x or L4x), is recommended to remove them also from the database (“product” table) as if you will get errors when trying to run processing that might want to use the removed products.

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