Column VEG_START in L4C csv result files

Dear Sen4CAP Team!
Which value is written in the column VEG_START in the csv result files for the L4C processor? First we thought that the column shows the VEG_START values from the uploaded “practice info” files. But we have determined that mostly there is a difference between the uploaded values and the values in the result files for VEG_START.

Dear Angela,

Normally it should be the same. Can you share examples with us?

Best regards,


Dear Angela,

Indeed, the VEG_START from the input files is normally directly copied in the csv result files.
Nevertheless, in the real execution and production there are some situations (not often but seems that you encountered this situations) when there are gaps (no S1 products in the week containing the VEG_START date).
In this case the VEG_START is computed as the first date after the input VEG_START where there exist valid data (basically the first week after the VEG_START that does not have gap).
We encountered such situations when no acquisitions were available for S1 for some intervals due to the acquisition plan of S1 satellite or when there were errors in the S1 pre-processing.
I think the second situation is more likely to happen in your case and in this case you should check if :

  • S1 products where downloaded
  • S1 products were pre-processed ok (if not, you can try to reset their statuses to be re-pre-processed).

You can use the statistics information in the website to check faster these infos.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,