Dashboard doesn´t work

We (paying agency Austria) tried to start jobs (for example the crop type map) with the dashboard, but the process didn´t start. We act as described in the hands on training presentation. What could be the error?

Starting of different processors by custom jobs works very well.

Hi Angela,

Can you share some screenshots of how you’ve configured the jobs? Do they appear on the Monitoring page?

Hello Laurentiu,
the job didn´t appear on the Monitoring page. We didn´t get any error message.

And it was a scheduled job, right? Can you please post a screenshot?

Yes it was a scheduled job
Dashboard.pdf (594.1 KB)


I’m not sure what’s wrong. If you can, please try to:

  • connect to the server and run sudo journalctl -ef | tee logs.txt
  • add a scheduled job in the near past (so that it runs on the next poll)
  • wait for at least one minute, then wait for it to settle
  • attach the log file