Downloading Images | L3B Vegetation Status | Disc Space | Running Code

Dear Sen4CAP Support,
I have issues with seeing images in the products tab as well as processing L3B Vegetation Status.


  • I’m using the sample data and configuration given by Sen4CAP (site in NL, here called site_demo).
  • I set the season from the 01.05.2020 to the 31.08.2020. However, the images on the product tab are only 5 and only from the month may. In Addition these images show only one little corner of water and the rest is black.
  • I created sites by myself before, which supposingly downloaded around 3000 images, but showed only two images in the product tab. Site_demo, according to the monitoring tab, downloaded 332 images.
  • Lastly, on the system overview tab the L2-S1 Pre-Processor for Site_demo had the “status” running and “task completed” 0/9.
  • L3B Vegetation error:



L3B Scheduled job with id 1772 for site 4 marked as done as no products are available for now to process

My questions:

  • Can I delete old images, and could the disk space be in issue here?
  • Why are the task on the L2-S1 Pre-Processor not complete, eventhough it is running for several days?
  • How can I solve the generic-error-step error for the L3B Vegetation Status when the L2-S1 Pre-Processor is running?
  • Seeing the solutions of other post using code: where can I enter code when I’m using Sen4CAP with CreoDias?

I hope it is understandable what I’m trying to portray.

Many thanks in advance!
Best regards