Error in listing available products for starting L4A process

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Since I saw a similar topic at the L4A subforum, but it wasn’t answered there - I thought I might try to do it here, since it also possibly has to do with configuration:

The system has downloaded and preprocessed a lot of files for a specific tile in question (T29SNC), using both Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 product. Both satellites have all their products preprocessed at the levels they needed to be for further processing (in L4A), and thus, many products of S1 and S2 appear on the main page within the site of interest:


Nevertheless, once I go to do the L4A, the options I get are only L2A files pertaining to S2 images, and none with amplitude and coherence.

I went to the network tab to understand the request it makes, and was clicking on “Filter” each time I changed the configuration of how the process should be fired. In turn, I was getting these network links: => Returns All L2A S2 products within the given time-frame
=1622564071397 => Returns empty array => Returns 29SNC

Now, if I change the productTypeId=[blank] to TypeId=10 or TypeId=11, I do get a list of products like this:

and like this:

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Why isn’t it recognizing that S1 product is selected, and thus it should be looking for the products with TypeId 10 and 11? I have managed to create an L4A by firing it manually with the scripts noted in monitoring → outputs and listing all S1 products on top of all S2 ones, but the web app interface is unusable for this purpose, and I would like to make it operational without using manual commands.

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The products AMP and COHE are not displayed on the L4A page (so you cannot select or filter them). They are automatically selected behind the scene, based on the interval and the extent of the selected L2A products.

Hope this answers to your question.

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In my case, the L2A products creation generated some errors or warnings and were marked as such in the database. The script checks this and ignores the files.
You have to check if the L2A products are correct, in the tables in the database. The web interface does not offer an easy way to check this.
I reseted the status, it created again the L2A products, and it worked from the web interface, but not custom job.

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1 Like -s 2 --season-start 2020-03-05 --season-end 2020-09-26 --tiles 29SNC --products S2A_MSIL2A_20200310T112111_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200310T115432.SAFE S2A_MSIL2A_20200419T112111_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200419T120107.SAFE S2A_MSIL2A_20200509T112121_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200509T115257.SAFE S2A_MSIL2A_20200519T112121_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200519T132604.SAFE S2A_MSIL2A_20200529T112121_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200529T114450.SAFE S2A_MSIL2A_20200529T112121_N0209_R037_T29SNC_20200529T132152.SAFE – /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/parcels.csv /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/lut.csv /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/tiles.csv /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/optical.csv /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/radar.csv /mnt/archive/orchestrator_temp/s4c_l4a/3341/23202-s4c-l4a-extract-parcels/lpis.txt

This was a command I had on the scheduler for the L4A product when using “both” on the web interface. Nevertheless, when I fired this on the machine directly, the optical.csv file had the necessary selected products, but the radar.csv output was an empty one.