Generation of gpkg result files for L4C

We started L4C for the practices CC, NA, Fallow and NFC and we got csv result files for all practices. We got also a gpkg file but only for NFC and not for the other practices. How do we get the gpkg files for CC, NA and Fallow?

Thanks for your answer!

Dear Angela,

Usually this happens when you have in the input tables that you uploaded for the L4C processor some parcels that have the same ID in two or more input tables (parcels with the same ID in CatchCrop input table and in the NFC, for example).

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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Dear Cosmin,
indeed we have parcels in the Harvest input table and if they have other practices, also in the appropriate input file for NFC or CC. We will adjust our input table for harvest and try it again.

Thank you for the very quick answer
Kindly regards

Dear Cosmin,
we adapted our input table for harvest in the following way: we deleted all parcels which have the same ID in the other input tables. Now we get 4 different gpkg files.

Thank you for your advice.