I am a new user of Sen4Cap.
Steps I have done:

  • set-up and enabled Landsat8 - USGS, Sentinel1 - Scientific Data Hub, and Sentinel2 - Scientific Data Hub in the tab “data sources”.
  • created a new site
  • defined Season start, Season mid, Season end
  • enabled season
  • enabled site.

Unfortunately, none of the attempts to start the jobs have succeeded. When inspecting [Output],
the summary table tells me:

  • Step name: generic-error-step
  • Command: /usr/bin/false
  • Output: L3B Scheduled job with id 91 for site 3 marked as done as no products are available for now to process
  • Errors: L3B Scheduled job with id 91 for site 3 marked as done as no products are available for now to process
  • Exit code: 1❌

Do you have any idea what this generic-error-step means?

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Please post a screenshot of the Products tab from the web interface.

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I face the exact same issue.
Here is a screenshot from the web interface:

I also examined the database, and the relevant line from the ‘jobs’ table shows this:

It seems that somehow no products are detected. All the S2 files are downloaded successfully.

Looking forward to the solution!


The generic-error-step is usually launched when a job is created (usually due to a scheduled job) but the processor cannot be actually executed due to the missing input products (a pre-validation step before executing the processor). If the processor cannot be executed, the internal steps of it will not be created (so no steps will be present in the web interface) and this is why we add a generic error step describing the pre-validation error.
In your case at the due date for that job (5th of April) there were no L2A products available in the database in the interval 20200401 - 20200415.
Maybe L1C products were downloaded by the system but were they actually pre-processed by the L2A preprocessor (MAJA)?
Can you please check that in the Products tab are available L2A Atmospherically Corrected products for the site Szolnok?
If so, you can try to remove the existing L3A Scheduled Job from the Dashboard and create one identical with the one removed.

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