Grassland mowing detection using S2 model

I was studying ATBD for L4B grassland mowing detection product 1.2 and stumbled upon a possibility to configure L4B algorithm to use an adaptive model of the phenology of the grassland instead of detection of a sudden decrease in NDVI, which is never mentioned in System Software User Manual.

As described in ATBD, S2 model is useful for Northern European countries because of a numerous cloudy days. In Sample Configuration file (User Manual, appendix F.12) it is deactivated for all countries.

Is mowing detection with S2 model tested/used in any of pilot countries? Or was the model abandoned like other vegetation indices?

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Hi Zane,

yes, the S2 adaptive model, as the use of the other vegetation indices, has been tested in the first year of the project, in any pilot areas. In the successive 2 project years, the grassland mowing algorithm developments and the validation activity have been focused just on the analysis of NDVI decreasing.

Thanks, Laura!

So I guess it doesn’t work. The model seemed interesting. :slight_smile: