!IMPORTANT! Correction to the L4A crop type processor

Dear all,

We noticed very recently a problem in the L4A crop type processor in version 1.1 of the Sen4CAP system. This problem prevents the processor to extract the S1 markers in a proper way, so that only S2 markers are used in the classification. This problem appeared because when we moved the system database in a dedicated container, we could change the gdal version used by the processor from the postgis version to the centos version (which is better in the long term). Unfortunately, we noticed recently that this centos version (with the installed libraries) does not recognize the projection of the preprocessed S1 products without specifying it. So we modified the relevant script (crop-type-parcels.py) for the processor to work as it should be.

So, in order to make the correction to the L4A crop type processor, you should:

  • download the zip file below
  • unzip the zip file
  • copy the crop-type-parcels.py on your machine
  • replace the old version of crop-type-parcels.py with this new version in the directory /usr/bin/

Then, you can use the L4A crop type processor as you usually do.

Sorry for the inconvenience and don’t hesitate to contact me (philippe.malcorps@uclouvain.be) if you encounter a problem.

Best regards,


crop-type-parcels.zip (7.6 KB)