Importing Sen4CAP project into Geopedia

I have attended the Sen4CAP training course in January in Louvain, which was very useful.
We got a interesting demonstration about visualising Sen4CAP data in Geopedia. My question is how a potential Sen4CAP user would be able to import Sen4CAP data results into a Geopedia project, I believe this was not demonstrated in the training course.



Dear Sybrand,

The Sen4CAP visualization tool (i.e. Geopedia) is a Software as a Service based WebGIS application which has been configured and upgraded to demonstrate how Sen4CAP products can be integrated into existing standard GIS environment of the Paying Agency using standard protocols. It provides an option to analyze the Sentinel-derived markers and products generated within the project, together with the input datasets provided by the Paying Agencies. In general we expect Paying Agencies to use their own GIS environments as there are not many special functions needed.

Raster Sen4CAP products can be ingested in CreoDIAS’ Sentinel Hub using Bring your own data API: "
All the data imported to Sentinel Hub can then easily be imported in Geopedia or Paying Agencies’ GIS environment.

For the vector Sen4CAP products, we recommend setting up a GeoServer and importing data there, then exposing it through WMS, WFS or similar.

Best regards
Katja Bajec