Increasing speed of L3B

I was wondering if there is a way to speed up the L3B processing for custom jobs. For the L2B I know I can change some values in the config table but i could not find anything for L3B.



You can increase the steps parallelism of the L3B jobs using the following command:

sudo sacctmgr modify qos qoslai set GrpJobs=4

This will increase the parallelism to 4.

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Perfect, thanks a lot! Are there similar commands for the other analysis and the marker database?

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Yes, for marker database you can use:

sudo sacctmgr modify qos qoss4cmdb1 set GrpJobs=4

For L4C:

sudo sacctmgr modify qos qoss4cl4c set GrpJobs=4

For L4A and L4C can be also increased in the same manner but I do not recommend as these processors have a reduced number of internal steps and increasing this will not bring any benefit to a job but only when you launch several jobs in parallel. But as each step of these jobs consume a lot of memory, running multiple jobs in parallel would lead to crashes due to out of memory.


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Perfect, thanks a lot for the help!