Installation does not finish

Hi, I recently installed Sen4cap v1.2 on a fresh VM CentOS 7. According to the manual i need to execute

sudo ./

However, there is no such file in th directory of the installation folder. Thus, i installed instead. This installation runs fine until it stays for hours on this piece of code:

SNAP Standalone Tool Adapter GUI
Updates not found.

I assumed that the installation has finished after this and i can reach the local-host GUI (although it first gives this error:Cannot get sites list! Please check that the sen2agri-services are started! after restarting the services after each boot the error disappears). Area is defined, season is active and it downloads products. Still, it does not process any (there are raw products in the archive folder, but nothing in the product folder on the GUI). Also all server resources stay at 0% utilization.

Is there anything i can do to make sure the processing pipeline will be executed as normal?

Hi Niek,

I also experienced the same issue - I solved it by hitting Ctrl+c to abort - the installation of the other components will start (I am not 100% sure that this have no secondary effects, but the SW is working for me now).

I have never received an answer to this behaviour but I think is connected to the version of CentOS and SNAP.

May I ask you what CentOS version are you using?

Thank you,

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for your response. I was using CentOS 7.6 (this was used in a tutorial for sen2agri on youtube), but i have switched to the latest version available which resumed the download!

Still, after a night of processing it does not come up with any products. it continues to give this error:
Error executing step 1 (Calibration) [codes=[1]]: [{gpt,-c,256M,-q,8,/mnt/archive/nb/l2a-s1/SEN4CAP_L2A_S1_V20200723T222005_20200804T222005_VH_091/s1_step_1_1.xml,/mnt/archive/dwn_def/s1/default/nb/S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20200723T222005_20200723T222032_033588_03E482_EB2C.SAFE,/mnt/archive/dwn_def/s1/default/nb/S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20200804T222005_20200804T222032_033763_03E9DC_FD97.SAFE}]