Interpretation of the harvest results

Dear Sen4CAP team,

I have produced some harvest results, but have some questions in regards of interpretation of them.

Before seeing the results and from what I have understood, in order the parcel to be confirmed with the harvest, all the 5 markers needed to be set to be TRUE. As I am seeing from the results, this is not the case. So I guess I misunderstood that. The column in the results file H_week is presenting the harvest week, the following two – H_W_START and H_W_END – the start and the end of the harvest and the H_W_S1 - the harvest week, predicted with S1 data. Am I correct?

There are quite many parcels , where H_W_S1 is not falling into the week of predicted harvest – stated in the H_week column. Should I understand in these cases that the decision for the harvest was made on the Sentinel-2 markers then?

I have it hard to see a pattern here in general in regards of the decision if the parcel was harvested or not. There are a bunch of parcels, which are marked as “NO-HARVEST” in both H_WEEK and H_W_S1 columns and only Marker 1 is set to be TRUE. This seems quite intuitive for me. But there is also another bunch of parcels, which are assigned with a date in the column H_W_S1 and are marked as not harvested (again only Marker 1 is set to be as TRUE). Why is it so?

Could you, please, expand a bit on how should I interpret the previously mentioned columns with the results?

Dear Justina,

This processor works by week. Each week, the markers are evaluate for each parcel.
First, the parcel has to have vegeation on it. So the condition is that the M1 is TRUE.
Then if all the harvest markers are set TRUE for one week, this week is set as the H_WEEK. From this week, the H_W_START and H_W_END are determine. The H_W_S1 is evaluate only with the markers relative to Sentinel1 (without M2). The value of the differents markers you see in the result are those of the L_WEEK (which is the last week with observations).

I hope It’s helping,

Diane Heymans (UCLouvain)

Dear Diane,

Thank you for your answer! That has helped. I was thinking that the status of the markers, is the same as set when the harvest was predicted.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,