L3A outputs

Dear Sen4cap forum,
Thanks for the useful services, I was able to run the L3A processor succesfully.
However, I’m a bit confused when comparing my outputs to the outputs predicted by the manual. According to the manual I should have gotten a: NDVI, LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER. But when having a look in my output folder, I only got these files:

Here I’m missing the FAPAR and the FCOVER, but I do have an RVI and some other parameters.

I call the L3A processor with this manual command:
lai_retrieve_processing.py --input $manifest --res 10 --outdir ${PROC_DIR}/output/ --rsrcfg /usr/share/sen2agri/rsr_cfg.txt --generatemonodate YES --genreprocessedlai NO --generatemodel YES

Am I missing some parameters to also produce the FAPAR or FCOVER? I tried running it with both a single L2A image and two L2A images.

Kind regards, and thanks for the support,


Could you try executing the L3A processor from the web interface (in a first step, you could try running for one or several L2A products?
You can then automatize it adding custom jobs in “Dashboard”.
The execution of the command you launched is creating actually an L3B product into the Sen2Agri format which is deprecated and does not contain the other indicators like the execution from the system website. The section in the SUM describing this was inserted by error and was removed in the system version 3.0 that will be launched soon.

Best regards,