L3A use of MAJA masks

Hello SEN4CAP,

I would like to have some precisions about the use of masks generated by MAJA.

I found in the technical document (Biophysical Indicators) that “non-valid pixels (snow/cloud/cloud shadow) should be masked and replaced with no data”. However, looking at the masks generated by MAJA (labo.ops-mip), I notice that different cloud types can be detected.
So I was wondering if you could clarify how to convert non-valid pixels into no data (possibly the bits of the CLM and MG2 masks)?
Actually, I would like to work with an area in Northern Europe, often hidden by clouds. So I thought that a too strict use of masks would not be appropriate…

Many thanks for your help.

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During L3B (and all high level processors) only the MG2 mask (more specifically bit CM2 for clouds) is used.

2nd bit (CM2) : cloud_mask_all_cloud, result of a “logical OR” for all the cloud masks

In this moment, there is no possibility to remove some cloud types from masking as we do not use the CLM mask.

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