L3B generation error

Dear Sen4CAP,

I am trying to generate the L3B products however the system goes always in error and he exit code is 1 with the following message:

Unable to find an HDR or xml file in path /mnt/archive/dwn_def/s2/default/testnld/S2B_MSIL2A_20200810T103629_N0214_R008_T31UFT_20200810T130121.zip. Unable to determine the product metadata file.

I checked and the zip file exist in the location specified.

please note that the site and all the configuration parameters are the NLD sample site provided by the Sen4CAP consortium. the S2 L2A product is a Sen2cor ESA standard product. The same error is given for my site of interest, regardless of which product I use in input.

can you please suggest any resolution?

Thank you,

Dear Andrea,

If you intend to use the L2A products from SciHub directly you need to modify the file /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/config/services.properties and set the following key to true:


Unfortunately, you will have to delete from your site the already downloaded products (from downloader_history and product table) and redownload them with this new option (you will have to restart the sen4cap-services after changing the key).
We will consider setting this key by default to true in the config file.

Please let me know if it works for you.

Best regards,

HI Cosmin,

Thank you for you answer.

However, the key you mentioned is not present at all in my services.properties file. There is the key for Sentinel 1 only (SciHubDataSource.Sentinel1.auto.uncompress, which is currently set to false)

Shall I add the key entry under the Sentinel 1 entry?

Thank you,

Yes, indeed, you can add it right after the S1 key.
We will add it explicitly in the next version of the services in the services.properties file.

Dear @cudroiu,

I have followed the instruction and I was able to retrieve Sen2Cor L2A data from Creodias but when i tried to generate L3B, I got the same error so I added below line for Creodias data source in services.properties config file.

L3B Error
Unable to find an HDR or xml file in path /eodata/Sentinel-2/MSI/L2A/2019/01/04/S2A_MSIL2A_20190104T033131_N0211_R018_T47PRR_20190104T090436.SAFE. Unable to determine the product metadata file.


Even after I restarted service and created new site, I still got the same error. Let me know how i can solve it out.

Thanks and Regards,

P.S: We are trying Sen2Cor L2A data for Sen2CorNDVIAOI site.

Dear Henry,

Actually, I think here is an issue with the Creodias repository and you did correctly the configurations.
The problem is that if you query the Finder in Creodias (the one that the system is interrogating in your case) it will be found the product S2A_MSIL2A_20190104T033131_N0211_R018_T47PRR_20190104T090436.SAFE:

But if you go on disk, you will not find this product where it should be:

[eouser@teo-sen4capv2 ~] ls -l /eodata/Sentinel-2/MSI/L2A/2019/01/04/ | grep S2A_MSIL2A_20190104T033131_N0211_R018_T47PRR_20190104T090436.SAFE [eouser@teo-sen4capv2 ~]

Normally, this would not be a problem if checking the existence of the directory would return a “No such file or directory” but actually when checking the existence returns True:

[eouser@teo-sen4capv2 ~] ls -l /eodata/Sentinel-2/MSI/L2A/2019/01/04/S2A_MSIL2A_20190104T033131_N0211_R018_T47PRR_20190104T090436.SAFE total 0 [eouser@teo-sen4capv2 ~]

This is why, this product gets into the system database even if it does not exist on disk.
I think this issue (and for other products, if it is the case) should be reported to Creodias as the product is returned in the finder but does not exists in the expected location.

Best regards,

Dear Cosmin,

As always, appreciate your support and detail explanation. I will get to Creodias for this issue.

Thanks and Regards,