L4A via command line with version 2.0

Dear Sen4Cap Team,

I have been using the L4A processor in the command line with Sen4Cap v1.3 successfully so far as described in the manual. Now we changed to v2.0.
When trying to run the crop-type-wrapper.py in v2.0 as described in chapter of the documentation (command line) I get the following error: "The input files are required when not using --standalone".
Using the --standalone" argument, namely running: „crop-type-wrapper.py -s 1 --season-start “2022-01-01” --season-end “2022-05-11” --working-path /mnt/archive/tmp --out-path /mnt/archive/crop-type-output/2022/ --tiles 32UPB 33UUS --standalone“, I get the following Error:

„extract-parcels.py: error: too few arguments“
RuntimeError: Command extract-parcels.py -s 1 --season-start 2022-01-01 --season-end 2022-05-11 --tiles '['"'"'32UPB'"'"', '"'"'33UUS'"'"']' /mnt/archive/tmp/parcels.csv /mnt/archive/tmp/lut.csv /mnt/archive/tmp/tile-footprints.csv /mnt/archive/tmp/optical-products.csv /mnt/archive/tmp/radar-products.csv /mnt/archive/tmp/lpis.txt failed with exit code 2.

Could someone please tell me how to correctly invoke the crop-type-wrapper.py command with v2.0?

Thanks and kind regards,