L4B is not running

I am trying to run the L4B detection but it does not seem to run.
The request involves 2020, Greece. It is being submitted as it appears from the screenshot :

I was wondering if there is something wrong with the config file in which I added at the beginning:

and then…

; Greece
; prod_type_list = SNDVI
; sc_fact = 1000
; corrupted_th = 0.1
; invalid_data = -10000
; decreasing_abs_th = 0.15
; decreasing_rate_th = -0.000001
; increasing_rate_th = 0.9
; high_abs_th = 0.75
; low_abs_th = 0.5

and later on…

; Greece
; crop_codes = 7
; crop_time_intervals = (‘01/01/2020’, ‘31/10/2020’)
;crop_rule = 0


I am not sure if there is an issue with your L4B configuration or actually with SLURM on your machine (as the job remains in submitted).

Could you check the disk space available on your system?
Did you recently ran out of disk space on your machine?
You can check with :

df -h

Another test you can try is to connect in a console and execute:

sudo su -l sen2agri-service
srun ls -al

If the srun command gives some error messages (instead of displaying a list of files), like below:

srun: Required node not available (down, drained or reserved)
srun: job 3257 queued and waiting for resources

Then execute the following commands:

sudo -u sen2agri-service scontrol update NodeName=localhost State=RESUME
sudo systemctl restart slurmd slurmdbd slurmctld mariadb

Please let us know.

Best regards,