Limit site extent for S1 pre-processing

Dear all,
I have a site for processing, which covers roughly on S2tile extent. Using the, I could limit the download and in such the pre-processing of the Sentinel-2 to just this S2 tile, without loading and processing the overlapping S2 tiles.

Does anyone know, if I can also reduce the amount of S1 data to be processed to just this extent, i.g. ignoring all the “touching” S1 strips.
This would greatly reduce the pre-processing efforts and disk usage.


A way to do this is to not rely on a remote repository. Instead, provide the system with a local repository and do not include the images that you do not want to be processed.

This means that you need to download all the images you need, and change the sen4cap service configuration to point to that directory, and with the right format, so that sen4cap can detect the images. Then you change the downloader to query and symlink.

The images that you do not include will not be found and will not be downloaded, linked or processed.
This is kind-of a hack, but it works reliably.