Limitation of number of polygons in shapefile

Hello Sen4Cap,

According to the manual, we learned that each polygon needs to be under 150 points. Wonder how many polygons can be in the same shape file.

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Hello Henry,

I assume you are reffering to the shape file used for creating the site. Theoretically, there should be no limitation (except the shapefile specification itself, if any). The limit of 150 points is more a limitation for querying from SciHub that does not allow large number of points for a polygon and this value was more an empiric observation.
Nevertheless, the number of polygons are relevant only if you have a site with, let’s say, a very large number of islands that are each of the in distinct S2 tiles (less probable as seems an utopy for Earth at least). Otherwise in normal functioning you should provide a shapefile whose inside polygons are already covering several of your independent subregions of site. We never felt the need o testing this as we had other priorities :wink:
So far, I think the biggest number of polygons in a shapefile that we used was around 10 polygons.

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Hello Cosmin,

Good to see you back here. Thanks for the detail explanation. We have tried 52 polygons in the same shape file and it’s working well. FYI.

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A small remark: the enforced limit is one of 1580 vertices in the union of the geometries present in the shapefile. We suggest using simplified geometries, since this shapefile is only used to find satellite products that intersect it.

There’s also a bug we recently found that prevents some of the original polygons from being included in the union.

Hello Inicola,

Noted. Thank you for clarification.