LPIS product has fewer rows then input declaration shapes


our LPIS products (.csv) do contain less parcels then present in the declaration dataset. This is not expected, as the user manual states that both datasets should have the same number of parcels: Output data
The preparation step generates a series of output files, which are used by the subsequent L4x processors.These outputs are described below. Standardized declaration dataset with quality flags. The first output is a postGIS layer. It contains the original declaration dataset information as well as the quality flags generated during the preparation step. It has the same number of lines (parcels) than the original LPIS / GSAA declaration dataset.It contains the following attribute fields (fields in orange are already present in the original declaration dataset) (Table 4-3).This information is also copied in a csv file, accessible in the folder /mnt/archive/lpis/site-name/

Still, in our example we get ~18K parcels in the LPIS product from ~19K parcels in the input data (another example yielded only 105K parcels from 140K).
I was looking at the parcels (size and form) that did not make it into the LPIS product. They seem very similar to the ones that did make it into the LPIS product.

Can you tell me about possible reasons why these parcels are excluded in the LPIS product?

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Hello Jonathan,

This problem may come from missing crop codes in the LUT when importing the LPIS.
You should look at the crop codes from your original dataset and compare it the LUT or to the crop codes (ori_crop) in the file in the folder /mnt/archive/lpis/site-name/.

Hope it’s helps.



Diane is right. The CSV is produced by joining the LPIS with the crop LUT on the ori_crop column and excluding the deleted parcels.

Parcels are marked as deleted if you upload another LPIS/declarations dataset in the update mode and some of the original parcels are now missing. To only add or update (but not remove) entries, you can use the incremental mode.

Dear Diane, dear Laurentiu,

thanks for your fast and helpful response. I compared both files and indeed there are cropcodes missing in the LUT.csv that are present in the declarations. I will now add those missing values in the LUT.csv

By the way: I use the replace mode when executing the LPIS processor.


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