LUT-File Format

i have a question concerning the setup of the LUT-file. Is there any restriction concerning the lenght of field “ori_crop”? From my understanding, it is converted as Integer. Is the format 16 Bit, oder 32 Bit?
I could not find any information about it in the user manuals.

Thank you for a short answer.


The ‘ori_crop’ attribute of the crop code LUT can be either integer or string. The important attribute here would be the CTnum which is an integer (from 1 to the number of crop type you have) and the CTnumL4A also integer with grouping for the crop type map.
This is explained in the SUM p134 (Appendix E.11). The CSV containing the LUT should be in UTF-8 encoding but there is no restriction on the lenght/format for the ‘ori_crop’ attribute.


Diane Heymans