Meaning of NA1, NA and NR values in L4C result tables

Dear Sen4CAP Team,
am i correct in assuming that NA1 will be allocated if there are too less S1 pixel per parcel? Are there any other reasons?
My second question concerns the value NA. In the presentation of the visualisation tool (hands on training, January 2020) this value is described with “parcel declaration available, but no assessement conducted” . In which cases the parcel isn´t assessed, can you give examples?
Could you explain also in which cases the value NR (not relevant) is written?
Thank you!


NA1 - no Sentinel 1 pixel fully within the parcel (it refers to the parcel geometry)
NA - time-series not available (it refers to the EO data availability for the parcel)
NR - marker evaluation does not make sense (e.g. M1=false refers to the non-presence of vegetation on the parcel so the evaluation of additional harvest markers - that describe growth/status/loss of vegetation - does not make sense)

Hoping this helps.