Monthly cloud-free product

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We found that monthly cloud-free composites of surface reflection at 10-20 m resolution is one of the features of Sen4Cap as below screenshot and wonder how we can get that product. Couldn’t locate in L2A and L3A products. Is there something we misunderstood? Currently, we are only generating products based on Sentinel 2 products.

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We have the same request. could that function of sen2agri be easily re-activated in sen4cap, maybe just as the L4A classifier?


Even if the Sen4CAP is relying on the Sen2Agri system not all the processors were activated from Sen2Agri (except L3B).
The L3A is not activated yet in the Sen4CAP system as there was no interest from the pilot PAs for it at the beginning of the project.
Nevertheless, we can consider activating it in a future version as seem to be demands on this but this will assume some changes in the web interface and configuration that we need to implement and test.

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Thanks for clarifying Cosmin! that would be very usefull i think as it allows the usage of sen4cap for a wider group of users for sure:)

Dear @cudroiu,

It means we won’t able to generate monthly cloud-free product in Sen4Cap for now?

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Theoretically (as I did not tried), you can be able to generate cloud free composites products from the command line using the scripts mechanism described in the Sen2Agri SUM but not from the web interface of the Sen4CAP system.


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