Necessary services do not seem to start


I am trying to run a L3B job, after restarting my machine. Before this, I managed to download the required data and run part for L2A (MACCS), but the job stopped because the “L3B Scheduled job with id 1497 for site 2 marked as done as no products are available for now to process”,
However, now it seems the necessary services are not starting as they should. For instance, I had to start manually slurm and demmacs.
Is there a list of all required services that need to start?
Is there a config file or something starting all necessary services? Are they started by the orchestrator?

Also, it seems I can only start custom jobs. Any scheduled job I setup does not show in the monitoring tab, no matter what dates I set.

The jobs were not showing as scheduled because the sen2agri-scheduler was not started.

Thank you!

Dear Adrian,

Normally, all services should start automatically after restart as they are enabled and started during installation (they are all systemd services that are started by the system).
The Sen4CAP services that need to be started are:


Beside these, there the following systemd services need also to be started for a proper functioning of the system:


Hope this helps.

Best regards,

P.S. You mentioned MACCS in your text, I assume you were refering actually to MAJA 3.2.2.

Thank you, Cosmin!

That was most helpful.

Regarding the "“L3B Scheduled job with id 1497 for site 2 marked as done as no products are available for now to process” message. In another post you suggested deleting some txt file.
However, if some files are missing, how can I check which ones? Through the service logs (journalctl …)?

Dear Stefan,

Normally, when you add a scheduled job it will automatically check what are the L2A products that were not processed into L3B products. Nevertheless, the list of currently launched L2As that are processing into the L3B is kept in this moment in some files :


If your machine restarted during the L3B processing, this file will remain and the system will think these products are still processing. This is why you should remove them before starting a new scheduled job.
We hope to eliminate this issue in the next version.
Nevertheless, I think you could use also this script to check what L2A products were not yet processed into L3B: (3.5 KB)

Hope this helps.

Best regards,