Orfeo vs Sen4cap

I know that “Sen4Cap” uses “Orfeo tool Box” as a dependency but, in order to compare “Orfeo Tool Box” and “Sen4Cap”, what are the weak points that “Orfeo Tool Box” has in comparison to “Sen4Cap”? How about “Sen4Cap” weak points in comparison to “Orfeo”? (Technically or generally for their last versions)

The Next Question part is the same as previous ones but about comparing their strength against each other.

The third question part is about “Deep Learning”:
I know “Orfeo” has a module named “otbtf”(“GitHub - remicres/otbtf: Deep learning with otb (mirror of https://gitlab.irstea.fr/remi.cresson/otbtf)”) to integrate “TensorFlow” and “Orfeo” to use “Deep Learning” techniques. How about “Sen4Cap”? Does “Sen4Cap” have any tools ( any kinds of published modules as strong as “TensorFlow” or …) to specifically support “Deep Learning”? (Which one is better for specific “Deep Learning” tasks?)

And the last one is about scale ability:
Which one is much harder to scale up for their defined problems?(under same conditions. just want to compare scale ability)? Why?

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Best Regards