Problems visualitzating the products in the PRODUCTS TAB


I have a question about visualitzation of the results in sen4cap Graphical User Interface. Once I’ve configured the study site and set up de study season I want to see the results in the products tab but cannot see any. Why?

I’m using the automatic process within the CREODIAS platform.

Any help will be much appreacited.


Can you share some screenshots of how you’ve configured the "Data Souce " tab? Also, could provide the content of /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/config/ file ( without passwords)?

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Hello Georgiana,

Thanks for your answer.

These are the configuration of the “Data Source” tab.

Landsat 8:

Do you see any error?

Thanks in advanced.

PS: I send you the configuration of the different satellites in different messages since I cannot post more than one file in a post. Sorry for that.

Here is the one of Sentinel 1.

and the last one, the configuration of data from Sentinel 2.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hello Elena,

Apply the following steps for all the data sources:

  • Change the [Scope] of the data source to “Query”
  • Change the [Fetch mode] to “Symbolic link” or “Direct link to product”
  • Set the [Local root] to the root path of the local product repository. Each data source can have its own local root.

Also, depending on the DIAS platform where the system is installed, the respective section from /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/config/ has to be uncommented . For more informatios see section from Sen4Cap Manual.

After you do all these settings, you should restart the sen2agri-services using

sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-services
sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-orchestrator

Best regards, Georgiana