Procedure when replacing existing LPIS

Dear Sen4CAP team, @cudroiu and @lnicola,

Due to some unwanted duplication, I have replaced the existing LPIS with an entirely new version of the GSAA dataset. The field count now is different (less). I have noticed that the NewIDs generated for this current LPIS dataset are different from the old ones for the same Ori_id.
Does this mean I have to re-generate the entirety of the marker database?
What exactly is the behaviour of the system if the LPIS is replaced mid-season?
What actions should I take in order to ensure reliable results with this new LPIS dataset?

Thank you in advance!


Hello Harijsi,

If you do not have a common parcel Id between two declaration dataset you should use the ‘REPLACE’ mode in the système. It will generate new NewID in the system. So everything that was related to this NewID (such as the MDB) should be re-generate.
We had the same problem and we struggle a bit to solve it.

First we only delete the files in the /mnt/archive/marker_database_files folder and relaunch the job from the same job (just change de date in the Dashboard then save) → IT DID NOT WORK !!

So that’s the steps we did :

  • remove the again the marker_data_files
  • removed the files in the /mnt/archive/site/s4c-mdb1 folders
  • remove also those files from the product table in the sql DB.
  • launch a new job from the Dashboard (so that the markers are permanently save and we do not have to relaunch everything for each L4C products)

Maybe only the last step was needed but by doing so we succeed to have a new stable MDB.

For your information, the MDB is only used for the generation of the L4C products. But I you have other job related to that site on the Dashboard (for the L4A or L4B products), it is safer to create new jobs.

I hope it’s help,
Kind regards,


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Hello Diane,

Thank you for the comprehensive answer, Diane. Glad to see someone else has been working on this as well.

Deleting everything pertaining to the old MDB and then re-generating seems like a reliable solution. I was thinking of maybe just re-processing all the dates through a MDB custom job by selecting all the available products from the start of the season. I am a bit unsure as to how the system would behave, though, and whether it would still use the old NewIDs of the previously generated MDB. Your approach seems to be more concrete, thank you for the advice.