Product downloads aborted for not configuring the proxy in /etc/yum.conf

Greetings @lnicola @cudroiu .
I have installed sen4cap 3.2, after loading a site, it starts downloading but after downloading some products successfully, downloading stays at 0% and then disappears. It should be noted that reading in the user manual about the proxy configuration in /etc/yum.conf I noticed that I did not follow this step, since I have 2 doubts in relation to this, I would be very grateful if you help me.
1.- inside /etc/yum.conf what is the proxy server: port that I should place? (my ip= or or other?)
2.- I must also configure my proxy for Sen4CAP-Services downloaders by editing /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agriservices/config/ ?

I would appreciate someone who can help me, please.