Sen4cap 1.3 (or 1.2.x)?

Dear Sen4cap Community,

are there any news on when next version of the the sen4cap should arrive? (We would like to update to the 1.2 version now, but if the next version should be around the corner we might wait a bit.)

Best Regards,

Vienna, Austria

Hello Petr,

Indeed we are working on the version 1.3 of the system (we are in the test phase). It will basically fix some bugs we encountered, for ex. with the L4A crop type processor for which a patch already exists (No predicted classes created in L4A processor, last post) or due to new changes in the USGS API (for query and download of L8 data). But it will not add major functionalities. For the release date, it is hard to say because of the corrections we could have to do depending on our test results. So, if I would be you, given the fact that is quite fast to do, I would update my machine with version 1.2 (and replace the script with the patch for the L4A crop type processor). Then, I would update again the system when the version 1.3 will be ready. But it is up to you.

We will keep you informed anyway as soon as we have a clear view on the version 1.3 release date.

Best regards,


Thank you Phillippe,

I think I have deployed the 1.2 successfully and I am looking forward on the news for the 1.3.

I appreciate the hint to the L4A Crop Type patch.

Best Regards,