Sen4cap new install

Dear Sen4CAP,

I am trying to install the 19112019 release of the SW on CentOS 8.
I have two questions:

  1. As I have CentOS 8, do I need to run commands other then those specified in the User Manual?

  2. Is it possible to request MAJA 3.2.2 since it is no longer available on the CNES website?

Thank you,


Hello Andrea,

We did not tested the system on CentOS 8 yet but yes, normally you should follow the same steps described in the Software User Manual (SUM).
Also, MAJA 3.2.2 is again available on the CNES website (it was just a temporary issue) and you should use this version and not a newer version as the versions 3.3.x are not compatible with the GIPP files for MAJA that we provide on the Sen4CAP official site.

Best regards,

Thank you Cosmin,

I did install MAJA 3.2.2 now however I am unable to install sen4cap. I am not sure if the issue is CentOS 8, but that is the only difference from the prerequisites liste listed in 3.1 of the SUM.

Will the new release of Sen4CAP tested only on CentOS 7 as well?

Thank you,


Concerning the new version of the system that will be released soon, it is only tested on CentOS 7, sorry.


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