Sen4Cap/Sen2Agri - Can't Add a New Site


I marked this as both systems as we’re trying to share the same files for both. I was able to add one site awhile back, but now it seems I can’t anymore.

I always get this error upon creating a new site in Sen2Agri: “FAILED: Failed to upload the file you selected! Missing shape file due to a problem with your selected file!

I actually used the exact same zipped folder for Sen4Cap and it worked fine.

Our systems are configured as such:
Sen4Cap on our main system (CentOS7)
Sen2Agri on a VM (CentOS7) that uses a shared folder to the /archive and /upload folders on our main system (that Sen4Cap uses).

Any ideas as to why it wouldn’t let us create a new site? I checked to make sure the VM user can indeed create new folders in each of the main system’s folders and it was fine.