Sentinel 1 preprocessing stops

Dear Sen4CAP,

We created and enabled a new site and the preprocessing for Sentinel 1 starts correctly. But after approximately 500 job ID (all steps have the status “Finished”, there are no steps with status “Error”) the preprocessing stops.

Our season started at 01.09.2018 and the end date is the 30.11.2019
In the statistics in the monthly preprocessing reports for Sentinel 1 we see some data between September 2018 and May 2019. After May there are no data.

The same using the Orbit acquisation reports: No data between June and November.

Am I doing something wrong? What is the problem?

Thanks for your help.


Tobias from Austria

Hello Tobias,

Are you running the system on a DIAS or on a local platform?
Because, depending on this, there might be different issues.
If you are on a DIAS, could you check that the /eodata repository is still accessible?
Also, you can check the sen2agri-services logs to see if there are any errors.
Additionally, you might consider resetting statistics in the database and see if maybe is not just an issue of statistics computation:

Best regards,