Site Set up and deletion of used S1/S2 Parcels

Dear Sen4Cap Team,
setting up a new Site needs an uploaded Shape with the site extend. Based on this extend, the used S1/S2 parcels are calculated. As a result after enabling the site, in the monitoring tab, you can see the Number of Sucessfull downloads.
I deleted some of the calculated S2 Parcels in “Edit Site” and saved the settings, as some parcels overlap the site extend only in a small area and this way could save some processing time.
However, it seems as if the algorithms still process the deleted S2 Parcels, as the are already downloaded in th monitoring tab.
Is this tue? Is there any way we can delete some of the downloaded Parcels (using the Web Interface)?

Thank you very much!

Best regards
Okke Gerhard

Hello Okke,

I think that you are talking about the S2 tiles that are defined when uploading the site extent (for ex. 29TPE). I think indeed that once they are downloaded and imported in the database, even if you delete the S2 tiles in the sites tab, the images corresponding to these tiles will be preprocessed because they are in the list for preprocessing in the database. In the web interface, it is not possible to fix this, but through a console there is a way. You will have to change the status_id of the images corresponding to the S2 tiles that you want to ignore in the downloader_history table of the system database. If youare interested by this solution, I can explain to you how to do it.

Best regards,


Hello Philippe,
thank you for your reply. I am not using the console right now, however when it try it, I will come back to you for further information.
Thank you!

Best Regards,