Statistics: Monthly Proprocessing Report

Dear Sen4Cap,

We have observed that statistics info is not showing accordingly in monthly preprocessing report even L2A product is generated. How can we fix this issue? Screenshot of generated L2A product and statistics page are attached.

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Dear Henry,

You can reset all statistics (or by satellite) using the following sql commands:

psql -U admin sen4cap
sen4cap=# delete from reports.s1_report;
sen4cap=# select * from reports.sp_insert_s1_statistics();

Same for the other satellites, if you need for S2 or L8:

sen4cap=# delete from reports.s2_report;
sen4cap=# select * from reports.sp_insert_s2_statistics();
sen4cap=# delete from reports.l8_report;
sen4cap=# select * from reports.sp_insert_l8_statistics();

Best regards,

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Dear Cosmin,

it’s worked well. Thank you for your support, as always.


Dear Cosmin,

I had the same issue with the statistics. I followed the solution you provided for Henry. The deletion step was successful, but the insert command was not executed due to the following error:

sen4cap=# select * from reports.sp_insert_s1_statistics();
ERROR:  lwgeom_intersection: GEOS Error: TopologyException: Input geom 1 is invalid: Self-intersection at or near point 3764870.0524828457 845413.34642566205 at 3764870.0524828457 845413.34642566205
CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function reports.sp_get_s1_statistics(smallint) line 4 at RETURN QUERY
PL/pgSQL function reports.sp_insert_s1_statistics() line 4 at RETURN QUERY

Can you tell me what this means and how to solve it?

Thank you