The Apache User Owns Most Output Folders


(Warning: I’m quite new to Linux)

When Sen4Cap creates new files/folders inside of the /mnt/archive and /mnt/upload folders, sometimes they will be owned by “Apache” - most likely when it’s a manual job. This makes it so our user account (and I assume the sen2agri-service) cannot write to those files/folders. I checked the permissions Apache-owned files/folders have by default and it seem that it gives everyone everything but write access.

I can’t remember where, but inside the SUM it mentioned the user who ran the custom job needs to have write access. I know I can change the access with “chmod” / “chown” - but I would have to do this after creating each new region - and possibly each new season.

Is there any way to make it so either Apache doesn’t own the files/folders on creation - or can we provide some type of default settings?

(Also I have our user, root, sen2agri-service, and apache all inside of a group - which each file/folder defaults being owned by. It doesn’t help).