Undefined error when uploading LPIS data


we have the problem that we get an undefined error when uploading the LPIS data. The zip file is transferred successfully, but then nothing else happens. When we upload again, we get a message saying that a job for the upload is already running.
Do you have any suggestions what’s going wrong?
An where can we find the relevant log files for the upload?

We are using sen4cap verson 4.0

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Would it be possible to provide us the LPIS data you are trying to upload along with the names of the columns that you use for the parcel id, crop id and hold id?
We would like to test it on our side to see what is happening.

Otherwise, if you get the error “job for the upload is already running”, you can try restarting the sen2agri-services by:

sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-services

Then you can try uploading again the zip file containing the LPIS and check the logs using:

sudo journalctl -fu sen2agri-services

Or you can do it in one step:

sudo systemctl restart sen2agri-services && sudo journalctl -fu sen2agri-services

Please note that the zip file you try to upload should have the shapefile in the root of the archive and not in another sub-directory.

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Just to add to this, we might not need the whole dataset. Most likely, the problem will still occur with a single-row shapefile, and even if you alter the geometry and other columns. You can test that first, especially if sharing the data is problematic.


thanks for your help and suggestions. But it didn’t work.
I attached a zip file which we used for testing.
monitoring_features5.zip (129.1 KB)


did the test file i provided help you or works? If you need more information or another dataset, just let me know.

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