Use ESA L2A and MAJA on different sites

Dear Sen4CAP

in Sen4CAP v1.2, is it possible to use ESA S2 L2A products on one site and the MAJA L2A on a different site?

for example setting:

INSERT INTO config (value, site_id ,key) VALUES (true, 1, ‘downloader.use.esa.l2a’);
INSERT INTO config (value, site_id ,key) VALUES (false, 2, ‘downloader.use.esa.l2a’);

Thank you,

Dear Andrea,

Yes, it is possible and indeed, setting the ‘downloader.use.esa.l2a’ to true or false for a certain site can activate the download of L2A or L1C from SciHub for that site.
Of course, it is not recommended to change the flag during the season as mixing the products from MAJA and Sen2Cor on the same site might lead to unpredictable behavior.
Also, setting the key to true is recommended to be done right after the site creation, before enabling the site. After the key is changed, I recommend starting immediately the sen4cap services.
Please note that this is working (at least now) only for the case when you download the products directly from SciHub and not for the case when you have a local repository (local_root set in the datasource) as this key is common for all sites and cannot be set individually for each site.

Best regards,