Use of L4B processor without S1B data?


we observed for our virtual machines that no Sentinel1 L2 coherence products are produced for 2022.
Do you know if this is due to S1B being unavailable? And further, is it possible to use the L4B processor for mowing detection without these coherence products?

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Hello Pauline,

Yes it’s due to the S1B issue.

It’s normally possible to produce the L4B using only the NDVI (less performant). It could be done by changing the parameters in the configuration :

Otherwise, we are doing some tests to know what could be the results with 12 days coherence instead of 6 days.



Hello Diane,

thank you for your reply.
I’m really looking forward to your 12 days test results.

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Dear Diane,

did you already have the chance to have a deeper look into results with the use of 12 days coherence products?

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