Use of Sen4Cap outside the Pilot countries

I have been recently introduced to Sen4Cap by Creodias. I want to know if Sen4Cap can be used for sites based in the UK. If yes, where can I get the relevant Declaration and other Input information for the site?

Many thanks

Hello Kausar,

As I just answered Nick, the data that you are refering to are owned by the member states of the European Union. They are collected in the framework of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). You can find some of these data on the national/regional geoportals of these member states.

Sen4CAP system can be used in the UK, but it doesn’t include any data. You have to provide to the system the data: parcels, declaration, etc.


Hi Philippe,

Many thanks for your response. I will look for a way to use it in the UK be securing the information.

Best regards