Why is MDB processor significantly slower than L4 processors?


I have a question regarding markers database. It is a very helpful addition to the system, I am using it (combined with APIs) to visualize behaviour of individual parcels and manually inspect some of those flagged by the L4B processor. The problem I have is that the MDB processor is very slow, especially compared to L4B processor. On my site L4B finishes in around half a day, while MDB needs multiple days if not week to finish. Why is that? Isn’t L4B processor using the same markers as are generated by the MDB processor?

I want to use L4B to select a set of parcels for rapid field visits. However, so far I am getting a lot of false positives, therefore manual check of the marker values (e.g. NDVI) is needed to confirm the prediction.

Thank you for the response in advance.