Grassland mowing configuration for NDVI, LAI, FAPAR

The ATBD for L4B describes the use of NDVI, LAI and FAPAR in the grassland mowing processor. In the default configuration for L4B there is the possibility to define parameters for NDVI, LAI and FAPAR, but for LAI and FAPAR there is a notice that the parameters are currently not in use.
What does this mean?

  • Does the grassland mowing processor only use the NDVI?
    We tried to upload the configuration with differen parameters for NDVI, LAI and FAPAR. This is not possible. The system doesn´t work with different values for one parameter.
    for example:
    prod_type_list = SNDVI
    decreasing_abs_th = 0.12

    prod_type_list = SLAIMONO
    decreasing_abs_th = 0.8

    prod_type_list = SFAPARMONO
    decreasing_abs_th = 0.014

Thanks for your answers!

Dear Angela,

the grassland mowing algorithm has been developed with the aim to analyse performances and results achievable with the 3 different vegetation indexes (NDVI, LAI and FAPAR). Anyway, after the experimention phase of the first year of the project, it has been decided to enable the use of the only NDVI for what concerns the optical VIs.


Dear Laura!
Thanks for your answer.