Sen2Cor L2A products not available after upgrade?


in the 3rd Webinar one of the new Features promoted was the

Support for using download and usage of Sen2Cor L2A products (configurable via database)

I recently upgraded my sen4cap installation to version 1.1 but my config table does not hold an entry with the key downloader.use.esa.l2a.

My impression of the webinar was, that I could test the Sen2Cor Downloads by setting the database entries value to true.
Did I miss a step in upgrading my system or did I misinterpret this part of the Webinar?

Thanks in advance,

I just noticed, that @A.Melchiorre had the same issue with the missing db entry in this topic (3rd Post): New Release installation failure

Hello Heiner,

I got the same problem - however after I started downloading some L1C products over an ROI the entry appeared by itself and I updated it to “true” on the db and it is working.

Hope it helps,