Transferring products into a fresh install

Dear Sen4CAP team, @cudroiu, @Philippe_Malcorps,

Is it possible to transfer files that are downloaded/processed by one Sen4CAP installation to another? Can I import products into the catalog of a fresh installation, but keep retrieving future data from SciHub as the season goes on?

We will have a dedicated server for Sen4CAP in a couple of months, but we would like to start processing the data now on a temporary machine to get ready for the season.

If it is feasible to transfer L1/L2 products between installations, we would deeply appreciate instructions on how it can be done.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, sure, you can transfer the production from one machine to another and is quite simple.

You will have to dump the downloader_history, l1_tile_history, product and lpis tables (I hope I did not missed anything) from the old server and then import them into the new one’s database with something like this:

pg_dump -U postgres -Fc sen4cap -t <table_name> > /path_to_dump/<table_name>


pg_restore --clean -U postgres -d sen4cap -t <table_name> /path_to_dump/<table_name>.sql

Before doing the import you should also copy the products from the old server to the new one, in the same locations :

All directories /mnt/archive/<site_short_name>
And optionally (but if the new system is already installed, you had to provide them during the installation) gipp_maja, srtm and swbd directories.

Of course, you will have to make sure that all the above directories have write access for the user sen2agri-service otherwise the new installation will not be able to write into them.

Please note that you should use the same system version on the two servers when you will do the switch otherwise you can get to unpredictable results (so if you use 2.0 on the new one and the old one is 1.3, you should upgrade first the 1.3 to 2.0).

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much for the fast reply!
We will make sure to follow these instructions when the time comes. Much appreciated!


We just set up version 2.0 and there seems to be a problem with data querying from the Scientific Data Hub.
Here is a fragment of the JSON file which is generated in the “failed queries” folder of S2 dwn_def:


It seems like the problem might be due to my credentials not being saved in the config. I already entered the correct credentials in the web interface and restarted the sen2agri-services, but no change. Maybe there is a manual way to edit the config?

Context: We launched season of 2021, it starts on 15.04, but we wanted to gather all S2 data for MAJA beforehand.

Thanks in advance!

Could you please provide some more logs of the sen4cap services, after restart?
Is this a fresh Sen4CAP install or an updated one?


I have added the log as an attachment. It appears that the reason for the queries to fail is “Too Many Requests”.

This was a ‘fresh’ installation, meaning - we used the uninstall instructions in the manual to remove the old one and set up 2.0 afterwards. (1.3 MB)

Dear Harijsi,

It seems that this issue is due to some limitations introduces by SciHub in the last time (1-2 weeks). Apparently, they introduces some time constraints for the number of queries performed in a given amount of time (or maybe is just a temporary issue they have).
For now, a quick solution would be to change the configuration of the SciHub plugin to use apihub instead dhus:

  • Copy the /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/lib/tao-datasources-scihub-1.0.X.X.jar into a distinct folder
  • unzip/extract from the archive (the jar is actually a zip archive)
  • go into ro/cs/tao/datasource/remote/scihub/ and switch the comments as below: = =
  • Put back the modified file in the jar file, in the same location
  • copy back the modified jar file into /usr/share/sen2agri/sen2agri-services/lib/
  • Restart the services

Or, you can use the following script to do this (891 Bytes)

The script can be invoked to simply switch from dhus to apihub:

./ -s apihub

or, to switch back to dhus:

./ -s dhus

Please note that we decided to use at some point dhus instead of apihub due to some large timeouts that SciHub had on apihub when querying S1 (I hope that they solved this issue).

Please let me know.

Best regards,

Thank you for the help, @cudroiu!

We changed the datasource to apihub and the query is successful, but there seems to be a different issue with downloading. Only a part of the available images are downloaded, the rest are queried and shown as “In progress” under the “monitoring” tab in the web interface, but are not being retrieved (added a screenshot below).


Only a few (2-3) tiles are downloaded per date, so it doesn’t seem to be a storage space issue.

I have also attached a system log if that helps with troubleshooting. I did not notice any peculiarities there, however.
sen2agri_services_log.txt (1.7 MB)

Dear Harijsi,

Could you try the following operation:

  • go to /mnt/archive/dwn_def/ and search for any failed_queries subdirectories (they are located actually several levels below like /mnt/archive/dwn_def/<sat_id>/default/<site_name>/failed_queries/) and try to delete them or their contents
  • execute :

psql -U admin sen4cap -c “delete from downloader_history where status_id in (1,3,4)”

  • run the script attached to force querying from the start of the (1.3 KB) . You can launch it first with the following parameter to print your sites:

./ -p

And then:

./ -s <site_id>

Please let me know if this solves your issue.

Best regards,

Dear Cosmin,

Thank you for the help so far! We tried your suggestions and the system downloaded two additional tiles from 15.02, but then stopped. The missing data is now labeled as retriable, but no further downloads proceed.

I have added a log since we applied the procedure.
sen2agri_services_log_2.txt (527.4 KB)

Dear Harijsi,

Could you tell me if you changed the “Max connections” setting in the datasource for SciHub?
If so, you should set it to 1 as the maximum concurrent download allowed for SciHub is 2 (there will be 1 for S2 and 1 for S1).

Please let me know.

Best regards,

Dear @cudroiu,

Thank you for all the help! After some monitoring, it appears that S-2 query and download are now operational with ApiHub and Max Connections set to “1” (I had previously changed it for troubleshooting). However, I have noticed that the downloader skips tiles for some dates. Are there any eligibility criteria for download as well (e.g., cloud cover)?


Dear Harijsi,

If you refer to the L2A products created by MAJA (what you see in the website, Products tab), yes, MAJA do not process the products that have cloud coverage > 90%.

Best regards,

Dear Cosmin,

I was referring to L1C data downloaded from SciHub, since there seems to be an omission of downloaded data for March 15th. Is there a quick way to re-query products from the start of the season?


Dear Harijsi,

Yes, you can force querying from the start of the season like described here:

Or you can use this script: (1.3 KB)

Best regards,